Dried lemon and lime resin charcuterie board


Elevate your kitchen presentation and infuse your culinary space with a touch of vibrant charm.
Not only will this stunning Resin Cheeseboard bring joy every time you look at it, but it is also incredibly versatile and built to last.


Dried lemon and lime resin charcuterie board

❗️The board comes without screwed on or stick on legs so you can decide you want to use for charcuterie board, wall art or shelves.
Once you have placed the order you can write me a message if you want me to include stick on rubber legs, or you want me to screw on rubber legs. ❗️

Unique Present for fruit lovers, or to decorate your kitchen, living room.
Not only decorative but also fully functional.

This handmade Dried lemon and lime resin charcuterie board is made with walnut wood, lemon and lime slices inside and none toxic food contact safe white and clear epoxy.
The board is finished with food safe walrus chopping board finishing oil, and walrus wood wax for cutting boards.

Safety and Cleaning :
– Epoxy Resin can be easily scratched and marked. Avoid the use of chemical and abrasive cleaners. When cleaning use warm slightly soapy water / soft cloth to keep the board scratch free.
– Not recommended to serve hot food directly on the platter.
– Do NOT cut on epoxy resin.
– Do not put into microwave.
– HAND WASH ONLY. Do NOT dishwash or soak.
– Keep avoiding direct sunlight.

Board is approximately 10″ x 18″ | 45.5cm x 25.5cm



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